BaiqiSoft Grid Control

BaiqiSoft Grid Control is a professional and easy-to-use data grid control, it provides comprehensive Excel-like functions for creating user-friendly interfaces that display, edit, format, organize, and print tabular data. It can help accelerate your application development process.

BaiqiSoft Grid Control for ActiveX can be integrated into your VB6, 32-bit Access/Excel VBA UserForm Applications. Current Version: 4.4.0

Download Grid Control for .NET 4.0  (.NET Framework 4.0 - 4.8)
Download Grid Control for .NET 6.0  (.NET 6.0, Install via nuget)
Download Grid Control for .NET 8.0  (.NET 8.0, Install via nuget)

BaiqiSoft Grid Control for .NET can be integrated into your C# and VB.Net WinForms applications. Current Version: 24.1.13


I really love this control, It is pretty cool and will save me a lot of time.

- Arnold Julian

Very much like your component and can tell compared with a few others that it has been well tested.

- Marco, Italy

I am impressed with your product, and even more impressed with your response to this problem. This type of customer service keeps the customer coming back when unfortunate things happen.

- Stephen, Australia

Main Features

Built-in Visual Styles

BaiqiSoft Grid Control supports Windows themes and visual styles that mimic the styles available in Office including Blue, Silver, and Olive.

Comprehensive Functions

  • Abibity to change each individual cell's format and styles
  • Each grid cell can display images in addition to data
  • Any number of fixed / frozen rows and columns
  • Auto row or column sizing when dividers are double-clicked
  • Move rows or columns,resize rows or columns,hide a row or column
  • Create alternating rows
  • Allow noncontinuous selection
  • Import and export capabilities
  • Owner draw mode
  • Sort one or multiple columns according to any criteria
  • Word-wrap and ellipsis
  • Cell Merging - Similar to MS-Excel
  • Well-designed Object model - Microsoft Excel-like Behavior
  • Multilanguage Support

Instant Reports

BaiqiSoft Grid Control provides comprehensive print and print preview support including 45 print setup related properties. With only a single line of code, developers can show built-in, user-friendly "Page Setup" and "Print" dialogs, allowing end-users to configure the printed appearance of all report elements, determine which data fields or pages to print, place images and text in page headers and/or footers,with macros for page number, report title, and a variety of date and time formats.

Designer Support

BaiqiSoft Grid Control provides a designer project with open source that allow you to design your control and to create a prototype quickly. Use the designer to reduce development time by allowing you to customize the look and feel of the control at design time using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.