BaiqiSoft Html Editor Control for .NET

The powerful editing control, HTML Editor for .NET WinForms allows even non-technical users to author and manage html content utilizing the familiar Microsoft Word processor-like interface for formatting text, setting hyperlinks, building tables, as well as inserting images, Symbols, etc. Leverage the large range of built-in tools, dropdowns, dialogs and system modules or take advantage of the multiple customization options.

Download HTML Editor Control for .NET4.0  (.NET Framework 4.0 - 4.8)

BaiqiSoft HTML Editor Control is a .NET WinForms component that can be integrated into your C#, VB.Net and WPF applications. Current Version: 23.2.4


This is the HTML editing control I have been looking for. The price is unbelievable for the quality you provide.

- MJ Parker

I am working with your HTML Editor, everything is great. Your components save us a lot of time in developping our products. Thanks for your great supports!

- Jobey Smith

Main Features

Merge Cells for Inserting Tables, Resize Column Width/Row Height with the Mouse

You have the ability to merge and unmerge cells for inserting tables. You can also manually adjust the column width or row height by dragging the cell boundaries to the desired size.

Design, Source, and Preview Modes

Allow your end users to create and format content in design view with the help of HTML Editor's built-in tools, while your advanced users can work directly in the Source mode. By using the Preview mode users can check how the content will be displayed when added to a real web page.

Customizing the HTML Editor Toolbar

You can customize exactly which buttons appear in the editor. For example, you might want to remove the HTML tab to prevent users from switching the HTML Editor into HTML mode. Or, you might want to remove the New, Open and Save buttons to prevent users from operating files directly.

Native Language Support

By default, all buttons and dialogs are provided in English. Support for other languages is available through the use of the Language.INI file. If you chose to configure it, all string resources used in our control will be obtained primarily from this file. Therefore, you can achieve multilanguage support by customizing the string resources.

Insert and Manipulate Pictures, Tables, Objects

Insert and manipulate various types of objects in the document including tables, images, hyperlinks and symbols etc. The dialog boxes allow you to modify all properties of the inserted or edited objects. With mouse actions, move and resize objects directly on the document in Design mode.

Context Menu for Specific Object, Built-in Enhanced Find/Replace Dialog Box

Allow quick modifications of images, tables, paragraphs, and other elements with the help of HTML Editor's contextual menus displayed upon a right click of the item while in design mode.

Printing Support

Calling the ShowPrintDialog method has the same effect as choosing Print from the Windows Internet Explorer File menu. The ShowPrintDialog method can activate the Print dialog box, prompting the user to change print settings. The ShowPrintPreviewDialog method lets you see the web page before you print so you can avoid printing mistakes.

Multi-level Undo/Redo with Action Trails

Leverage the out-of-the-box undo-redo mechanism of HTML Editor control, end-users can gradually work back to fix a mistake by undoing repeatedly. It supports undo one letter at a time, instead of the whole paragraph.

Send HTML Email with Embedded Images

The GetMailMessage method will give you a .NET MailMessage object where all the local images are embedded, with this object you can easily send an email in HTML format.

Product Updates


Added the ability to set the Heading.

Added DataSource property, DataField property and UpdateDataSource method.

Added AllowCtrlClickToFollowLink property and Navigating event.

Improved the multi-cell operations.

Improved the InsertHypelink dialog.

Added Selection.Type property, Selection.CreateRange method and DomTextRange object.

Added support for merging and unmerging table cells.

Added support for resizing table rows and columns with the mouse, added DefaultTableStyle property and DefaultTableBorderColor property.